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Vintage Tea Party Collection

Vintage Tea Party Collection


Inspired by vintage china tea cups and saucers. It’s dainty and elegant, muted and soft. These flowers will look their best in a loose, organic arrangement.


Ok, I confess, it may have also been inspired by my love affair with a certain tv series…


32 cut and come again summer annuals in our hand selected vintage palette. Flowers include but not limited to: zinnias, cosmos, gomphrena, amaranth, celosia, ageratum, snapdragon, strawflower and statice. Colors include muted roses, blushes, dusty lavendars, lilacs, apricots to peaches, whites as well as some rich coppery tones.


  • Grown from seed in Vermont Compost Seed Starting Mix without any chemicals.
  • Each plant will be grown on in a square 2.5" plastic container, the garden includes a full flat of 32 plants total.
  • Plants can be spaced in the garden roughly 9" - 12" apart. Plan for 32 square feet of space or an area roughly 4' x 8' or 2' x 16' for planting. Plants can also be tucked into openings in existing sunny borders.
  • These plants will require full sun for optimal flowering. We recommend a minimum of 6-8 hours of sun.
  • Plants will require staking for straight stems.
  • If you have a smaller space, consider splitting the garden with a friend or neighbor to share the joy of flowers!


Tax Added at Checkout. 

*Local Pick Up Only*


Local pickup scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2024 between 9 am - 11 am in the Wauwatosa Library parking lot.


Please Note: the Simply Seasonal Cutting Garden Online Courseis not included with the purchase of a cutting garden. 


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