Meet your farmers: Carly and Joseph

Aromatic Acres at the TOSA Farmers Market

The universe brought them together in spring 2012 while harvesting petals for dandelion wine. They spent that sunny May afternoon giggling over homemade wine and sharing their future homesteading dreams with each other. Over the years they continued dreaming and planning their future. They got married in 2015 and began developing goals. Goals turned into plans and those plans became their purpose.


Each of their life's stepping stones forged a path, which eventually collided and lead them towards growing cut flowers. Carly has a background in fine arts, conservation, horticulture, and plenty of professional experience sitting at a desk assisting executives.  Joseph has a background in music, mathematics, finance, and viticulture. He has owned and operated his own audio visual production company for over 10 years too. In addition to Aromatic Acres and his production company, he works professionally as a video team manager.


When not farming or working 9-5 off the farm these two can be found planning their next adventure abroad, cooking meals together, slowly fixing up their classic Milwaukee Cape Cod, catching some live music or traveling to the place that holds their hearts - Door County.


Carly's favorite flower changes on an almost weekly basis throughout the season. It is usually whichever beauty is in peak bloom. Joe's favorite flower is anything that serves a dual purpose: beautiful and edible.