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The Why: A Life of Purpose & Joy


Aromatic Acres was born of a deep desire to continue living a life of purpose and joy.

We chose to gather moments; we chose time to observe the seasons on our flower farm. We chose to collect the joys these moments left in our soul: the early morning sunrises leading up to the summer solstice as our weather transitions from cool spring days to humid summer nights, witnessing the magic of the monarch migration in August when for just a few days hundreds of these creatures show up co-existing among the zinnias, and the first crisp September breezes when you finally feel some reprieve from summer’s heat.


Working outdoors with our hands, growing and observing with the seasons and sharing beauty with the world is our purpose.


Each day we choose our values.

We choose beauty.

We choose moments.

We choose health.

We choose community.

Most importantly, we CHOOSE JOY.

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