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2024 Spring Flower Club

2024 Spring Flower Club


To make your winter feel as short as possible, we are excited to offer you the chance to experience all the early spring, specialty blooms delivered straight to your door for 5 full weeks BEFORE farmers markets even start! Join the 2024 Spring Flower Club today!


We will include only the best selection of specialty spring flowers highlighting exotic parrot and romantic double peony style tulips plus cheerful + ruffled daffodils in shades of white, buttercream yellows, and of course pops of coral. If available, but not guaranteed, other flowers could include albino and panda anemones, coveted spring ranunculus and peony.


The Details:


  • Official start date is weather dependent. You will get an email one week prior to the first delivery, notifying you that the flowers are ready! We are projecting mid to late April for the first delivery, but again, everything depends on the spring weather.


  • Delivery area is: Stadium Freeway (175)/Sherman Blvd west to 124th St, Capitol Drive south to I 94. We know some of you are unfortunately out of the delivery area, but perhaps you could ask a friend within the delivery area to host your delivery site?


  • Delivery will be Saturday mornings between 8 - Noon for 5 weeks. 


  • If you won’t be home to intercept the delivery, please consider leaving a clean bucket with an inch or 2 of water outside in a (hopefully shady) spot near your front door.


  • There will be no substitutions or exceptions for deliveries. If you have to miss a week, offer your flowers to a friend or neighbor to pick up anytime after Noon on Saturday.  


  • Each delivery will include a wrapped bouquet of 12-15 stems of locally grown, specialty tulips and daffodils cut at the perfect stage so you can enjoy them for a full week or longer.  


  • If available, but not guaranteed, other flowers could include anemones, ranunculus and peony.


  • We will send a short email to club members each week detailing the flowers included and how to properly care for those blooms. Utilizing our proper care tips, each bouquet should last an average 7-10 days.  


Tax Added at Checkout.