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Curated Seed Collection - Berry Sorbet

Curated Seed Collection - Berry Sorbet


*NEW* as of Spring 2024 - Shipping Only to Wisconsin Mailing Addresses This Year - THE BERRY SORBET CURATED SEED COLLECTION!


Our most popular curated cutting garden, Berry Sorbet, is now available to home gardeners accross the state of Wisconsin! Love the Berry Sorbet color palette, but want to grow from seed? We've got your just the thing!


This palette is all about the bold contrast between warm and cool colors. We start with cool plum and raspberry tones. Then juxtapose them with warm papaya and peach hues. The entire palette is reminiscent of a cool and juicy scoop of berry sorbet as it comes into contact with the heat of a mid-summer day. Without a doubt the most delicious of all the collections this season.


Flowers include: zinnias, cosmos, gomphrena, amaranth, celosia, ageratum, snapdragon, strawflower and statice. Colors include magenta, raspberry,  papaya, tangerine, peachy corals, mauvy roses, soft lavenders, cool blues and deep violets. 


  • Specific seeding insturctions on each individual packet
  • 23 seed packets in the collection
  • 25 or 50 seeds per packet based off of plant count in the Berry Sorbet Collection: 25 seeds for 1 plant or 50 seeds for 2 plants - see collection plant list below for details
  • These plants will require full sun for optimal flowering. We recommend a minimum of 6-8 hours of sun.
  • many plants will require staking for straight stems.


Tax, Shipping and Handling Added at Checkout. 


Please select "Curated Seed Collections *ONLY*: USPS Ground" Shipping at checkout.


Please Note: the Simply Seasonal Cutting Garden Online Course is not included with the purchase of a seed collection. 

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